What is the difference between the silver contacts of different types of switches

      The double control switch of silver contact refers to the separate control of two places for a certain device. Double double control refers to the two keys on the two panels which are not local, and control two power supplies to control the same device in different places. The principle of single-pole double-control switch The single-pole double-control switch is actually two single-pole double-throw switches connected in series and then connected to the circuit. Each single-pole double-throw switch has three terminals connected to two silver contacts and a knife, respectively. Here's how the silver contacts of different types of switches differ.

The single joint double control switch connects the two silver contacts of the two single - knife and double throw switches, and the two switch knives are connected to both ends of the lamp as the ends of the whole switch. When the switch is connected to the respective contacts at the same time, the circuit is connected and the light is on. If one of the knives of the two switches hits the silver contact and the other hits the silver contact, the circuit will not work, then the light will be off. So two switches can control the lights. The two switches can be placed at both ends of the stairs, or at both ends of the corridor, so that the lights can be opened before entering the corridor and the lights are turned off at the other end through the corridor. It can not only be illuminated, but also avoid the waste of electricity.
The definition of double double control switch is similar to the definition of a single double control switch. The only difference is that the double switch is a switch with 2 buttons, and the single connection is just a button. The double double control switch means that on one panel, two electrical devices are controlled by two buttons, that is, two switches control two circuits.


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